When Do You Give Up??

I just got finished reading this book. Too LIttle, Too Late by Victoria Christopher Murphy.

Another one of those ( like 50 shades of grey- more to come on that one later) books that kept me up all night reading.. It’s a good thing I am not in school because I wouldn’t be getting any homework done.

It was a story of a couple who’s lives intertwined with 3 other people with lies and deceit.

One man was a sex addict, and actually had sex with his wife’s enemy and then fathered a child by same hated woman.

One woman as a perpetual liar.. Kept so many lies from her husband that if had the truth been told in the beginning would have no where near the paid that it caused down the line.

These two individuals where the main ones causing hurt and pain to others in the story. Both of their significant others had to make decisions? Am I going to forgive you for cheating on me because it was just a disease (sex addict)?  Do I forgive you again for yet another monumental lie that you have told to me  ( Perpetual liar)?

One after much prayer chose to forgive and try and rebuild the trust and love that they had and start their marriage anew. The other wasn’t able to overcome the lies and great deception that occurred.

Reading this story really got me thinking.. in a relationship, and specifically speaking to a marriage relationship, at what point do you stop trying? What sin is the ultimate sin to where you just can’t forgive any more.. It is cheating? Is it money issues? When do you stop and say I’m not trying any more…. I look at a marriage relationship as one where you have made commitments to go thru all types of thick and thin together.

As a Christian, I love how this book reiterated time and time again that you have to pray. I think that if you are a Christian, Christ should be in your relationship and you should be consulting him in prayer in your decisions especially in the difficult ones of deciding at what point to end a marriage.

The society that we live in today doesn’t place must value on marriage and the vows that one makes to each other in the ceremony.. oh you kissed another girl, we’re getting a divorce.. There is no working anything out to try and make it work.

I hope that should I ever be lucky enough to marry, that I don’t have to go thru some hard times, BUT IF I DO I hope that with prayer and perseverance I can make it through.

Just my thoughts for now.. 

– Liz

Love… Is it enough


Went to the beach today and wrote this word in the sand.

What is love? When do you know when it is real? What about the couples who have been in love for years but say the love died at some point and separate? Can you overcome obstacles in relationships with love alone or are other things necessary to weather these storms?

It’s been several years since I’ve been in a relationship and I did love my last ex.. But the love wasn’t enough to overcome the obstacles that we had .. I don’t often think and regret my decision to leave. I feel that it was the best decision to make in our situation.. But what if I was wrong.. What if that love was enough.. Will I get another chance with someone else now?

These are just questions that I have.. Time will tell if I get that chance to love again and I’ll find out then..


Dating: what it comes down to

Dating is a small word with so many different meanings. It’s certainly left up to interpretation. What is dating to you? While there are many interpretations to the concept of dating one thing I feel is key in any situation is identifying what both parties want out of the situation. There obviously won’t be growth if one person is content on mixing and mingling while the other seeks a more stable situation. It all comes down to communication. Being open and honest is the only way to be sure that neither party is settling or compromising. Once pertinent information has been exchanged both individuals should know where to proceed or withdraw from the situation. Just a few thoughts as i indulge in my oreo cheesecake from cheesecake factory.



Roadtrip Edition: Miami.1

What do you do when you’re young, single and free????

You take road trips!!!

Stacey & Liz

That’s what Stacey and I did this weekend. We purchased a living social adventure for empanada making and wine tasting in Miami and make the trek down south..

The day started off not the greatest.. rental issues and everyone just kept telling Stacey no.. (tip…. it pays to get your coffee at Starbucks.. they will exchange your drinks with no problem unlike Dunkin Donuts )

We got all the way to Boca Raton, with plans to eat @ Phillipe Chow, but they didn’t open until 5 :00, not at 3:30 when we were there.. Another no for Stacey..

We found a cute little shop to eat at.. they had a special bathroom.. Frogs sounds, bird sounds.. WAY to much going on.. but the food wasn’t bad. The non alcoholic drink we got was pretty good.  Looked and tasted amazing.

Summer drink

This is when the day started to improve for us. We continued the ride to Miami discussing life.. I won’t go into detail about how we lamented the fact that we are single, pushing 30 with no prospects -___- .. We did come to this conclusion tho:Hoes be winning...

After making it to Miami, we had time to spare.. We walked around Biscanye Blvd checking out the sites there.  American Airlines Arena, Bayside Park, and others.

Bayside Park

torch of friendship

 The view was perfect. There was some sprinkles, but they didn’t last long so the day stayed beautiful.

Now it was time for the empanada making and wine tasting at Clos Bistro & Café.

clos bistro

Started of with glass 1 of wine – White Chardonnay.


We continued on to making the empanadas and tasted 3 other glasses of wine. It was good times.. We also had fun together.. One of the best parts of the adventure was seeing some great couples that gave us hope.



It was a good day!!!