I had to make a special post about these delectable delights! They are so yummy. I say this with such enthusiasm  because normally I am not a champagne person. The last 2 or 3 times I’ve had champagne, the outcome was …not good (for lack of better words). Was I hesitant to make them? Most definitely. The outcome was pure “yumminess”. I realize that is not a real word, however, just imagine what something with pure “yumminess” taste like. The consistency was perfect and the champagne taste was slight yet powerful enough to remind you of a glass of blush bubbly. Dare I say, this has become one of my all time favorite flavors…yup. I am saying it.

The recipe calls for pretty much an entire bottle of blush bubbly. Your fave brand will do just fine. The frosting was more runny as opposed to being fluffy or stiff which made the treats even more delightful.  What is your absolute favorite alcohol infused cupcake?

Late for work?? Take cupcakes … Thats what I did.

It always seems that I am habitually late to work whenever I should be on time… such as for training.

Of course that is what happened to me this week. I apologized to being late to my trainers, they said I could make it up by baking some cupcakes.. Something I could easily oblige them ( I love to bake.)

I came home and searched the internet to figure out what cupcakes to make.

I found this receipe for Salted Caramel Cupcakes with salted caramel filling.

I took them to work and everyone loved them, stating it was almost better than my red velvet ones. I can be late as long as I bring in cupcakes..  That works for me.

Here’s are some pictures of the process.

Mini and regular sized ready to go into the oven.


The whole process – had to change my beater because the stand mixer I have totally sucks ( can’t wait to afford the kitchen aid mixer )


Filled with salted caramel filling.. Yum yum!!


Final Product – ready to take to work  ( although one was missing in the morning form this pile – gotta love family )


– Liz