Baking & Dating- What’s this all about?

Some may read the title of this blog and wonder what one concept really has to do with the other. I will be more than happy to explain. For me, baking and dating are two areas of life that I have a deep connection. I have been baking since I was a pre-teen. I absolutely LOVE the kitchen. I have very little artistic inclination when it comes to drawing etc…My creativity is usually developed and expanded in the kitchen. In addition to the kitchen, I LOVE the idea of LOVE. Dating to me is an art and a game. You have to be creative and strategic. This is where I believe the correlation between dating and baking comes in…for me at least. Baking is something that I love and I am building a company and brand that I have hopes of success and good fortune. As I meet different individuals on this path of dating, my hopes also are to build a meaningful relationship that will flourish with good fortune. Seems simple enough. Let’s see which one develops first.


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