I had to make a special post about these delectable delights! They are so yummy. I say this with such enthusiasm  because normally I am not a champagne person. The last 2 or 3 times I’ve had champagne, the outcome was …not good (for lack of better words). Was I hesitant to make them? Most definitely. The outcome was pure “yumminess”. I realize that is not a real word, however, just imagine what something with pure “yumminess” taste like. The consistency was perfect and the champagne taste was slight yet powerful enough to remind you of a glass of blush bubbly. Dare I say, this has become one of my all time favorite flavors…yup. I am saying it.

The recipe calls for pretty much an entire bottle of blush bubbly. Your fave brand will do just fine. The frosting was more runny as opposed to being fluffy or stiff which made the treats even more delightful.  What is your absolute favorite alcohol infused cupcake?

Baking & Dating- What’s this all about?

Some may read the title of this blog and wonder what one concept really has to do with the other. I will be more than happy to explain. For me, baking and dating are two areas of life that I have a deep connection. I have been baking since I was a pre-teen. I absolutely LOVE the kitchen. I have very little artistic inclination when it comes to drawing etc…My creativity is usually developed and expanded in the kitchen. In addition to the kitchen, I LOVE the idea of LOVE. Dating to me is an art and a game. You have to be creative and strategic. This is where I believe the correlation between dating and baking comes in…for me at least. Baking is something that I love and I am building a company and brand that I have hopes of success and good fortune. As I meet different individuals on this path of dating, my hopes also are to build a meaningful relationship that will flourish with good fortune. Seems simple enough. Let’s see which one develops first.


When Do You Give Up??

I just got finished reading this book. Too LIttle, Too Late by Victoria Christopher Murphy.

Another one of those ( like 50 shades of grey- more to come on that one later) books that kept me up all night reading.. It’s a good thing I am not in school because I wouldn’t be getting any homework done.

It was a story of a couple who’s lives intertwined with 3 other people with lies and deceit.

One man was a sex addict, and actually had sex with his wife’s enemy and then fathered a child by same hated woman.

One woman as a perpetual liar.. Kept so many lies from her husband that if had the truth been told in the beginning would have no where near the paid that it caused down the line.

These two individuals where the main ones causing hurt and pain to others in the story. Both of their significant others had to make decisions? Am I going to forgive you for cheating on me because it was just a disease (sex addict)?  Do I forgive you again for yet another monumental lie that you have told to me  ( Perpetual liar)?

One after much prayer chose to forgive and try and rebuild the trust and love that they had and start their marriage anew. The other wasn’t able to overcome the lies and great deception that occurred.

Reading this story really got me thinking.. in a relationship, and specifically speaking to a marriage relationship, at what point do you stop trying? What sin is the ultimate sin to where you just can’t forgive any more.. It is cheating? Is it money issues? When do you stop and say I’m not trying any more…. I look at a marriage relationship as one where you have made commitments to go thru all types of thick and thin together.

As a Christian, I love how this book reiterated time and time again that you have to pray. I think that if you are a Christian, Christ should be in your relationship and you should be consulting him in prayer in your decisions especially in the difficult ones of deciding at what point to end a marriage.

The society that we live in today doesn’t place must value on marriage and the vows that one makes to each other in the ceremony.. oh you kissed another girl, we’re getting a divorce.. There is no working anything out to try and make it work.

I hope that should I ever be lucky enough to marry, that I don’t have to go thru some hard times, BUT IF I DO I hope that with prayer and perseverance I can make it through.

Just my thoughts for now.. 

– Liz